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10 Must Play XXX Porn RPG's 10 - 7

 10 Must Play XXX Porn RPG Games



We all love a good XXX role playing game, and here at XXXOnlineGames we do too! So we've compiled a list of some of the best Porn RPG games out there today that you should definitely play!


10) Newlife



Newlife is a lifesim game where the player is transformed into a woman in an improbable mad-science accident. You start the game as a man where you are transformed into a totally customisable woman (alternatively, they added the ability to just be a woman from the start). You can choose your age, appearance, mannerisms and personality. You can also pick your sexual fetishes which become more useful later in the game.



Once the game gets underway you can go clubbing and meet men, be taken out on dates, shop for and wear clothes, use your feminine wiles to seek promotions at work and have lots of sex! There are other cool stuff in this game where you can try to do the right thing (take contraception, refuse sex etc..) but depending on your personality or current situation (wasted) you can be carried away by your desires and accidentally (or deliberately) engage in sex, fuck the boss or become pregnant. The game reacts around your choices, and you can shape your future.

At the time of writing, this game is not currently finished, however it is being actively developed on, with new content being added at regular intervals.


Game Info Page (with download Mirrors)


Game Download Page : Here


Direct download links (could be outdated)

Mega Link : Here

MediaFire Link : Here


9) Meet and Fuck - Lavindor Kingdom



This is a flash game that can be played in your browser. You play as a hero called Murton and you need to go around the kingdom, on the kings orders in order to make a love potion to bring back his potency. This is primarily a hentai orientated RPG porn game, where you navigate around the kingdom doing various tasks, and getting into all sorts of sexual mischeif. It's one of the better XXX Flash games that has been made, featuring well drawn anime style art, with a humerous storyline.



Play Game Online : Here



8) Corruption of Champions


Corruption of Champions Image


Corruption of Champions (CoC) is a free erotic text based adventure rpg game. You assume the role of a recently extradited citizen of a village, where it has become a tradition that every year a "Champion" is chosen to battle against demons to protect the village.

At the beginning of the game, there are alot of customisable options so that you can get your character to your liking, including Gender, Looks, Body Parts, Sexual Organs etc... You also have options to change yourself during the game, by interacting with consumable items in order to transform yourself to pretty much anything (seriously, you can be part animal or have the torso of a walrus if you so wished).



The game plays very similar to a dungeon crawler, where you battle monsters and gain items and XP, which you can use to level yourself up and buy gear. Sex is frequent in combat (and out of combat too), and the combat system takes a familiar turn based approach. Don't fret, not all NPC's are hostile, and there are a huge range of friendly NPC's with whom you can trade, talk, fuck, and even join your party.

The main highlight of this game is the writing, which is very immersive. The dialouge choices are vast, and tie in with a morality system much like other RPG games such as Knights of the Old Republic or Fable, where you can choose to be good or evil (pureness or naughtiness in this case).




You can grab the game for free : Here



7) Jordan 500


Jordan 500 Image


This is the second Flash game that appears on our list. This game you take control of a girl named Jordan, who decides to move away from her hometown, in order to persue her life as an actress in a big city. Things don't go as well as she has hoped, and as you play the game, you find yourself having to slowly falling into a life of stripping / prostitution and the seedy underworld of a large metropolis.


Jordan 500 Image


This game has elements of classic adult games such as Simgirls , where you have stats to build up, and a set time limit in which to complete the game (don't worry, this just increases its replayability value, in order to see all the endings and content!). Included in the game are a host of fetishes, everything from stripping and handjobs, all the way to anal sex with strangers in the park.

This is truly amazing for a flash game, there is even an expansion of the base game, which adds more content, more stories to follow, and more sexual encounters.


Jordan 500 Image


You can play the game : Here



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