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Walkthrough for Inspector J - Episode 0

Welcome to a quick walkthrough guide on the Inspector J Episode 0 porn game.

You can play the game HERE (or click on the image)





- Click on the book at the left of the screen.
- Click on the television remote control at the left of the screen.
- Click on the television remote control in Jeanne's hands.
- Click on the white bolster (blanket) at the right of the screen.
- Click on her top leg (on her thigh).
- Click on her pussy (on her pink panties).
- Click on her right hand (the left one on your screen) next to the sling of her cami.
- Click on her left hand (the left one on your screen) next to the sling of her cami.
- Click on the sling of her cami (the left one on your screen).
- Click on the sling of her cami (the right one on your screen) (not really visible).
- Click on her pink panties (on her pussy).
- Click on her cami.
- Click on her left knee next to it or (at your right on your screen).
- Click on her pussy.
- Click on her thigh at the left of your screen.
- Click on the dildo (upper right on the screen).
- Click on her mouth.
- Click on her left nipple (at your right on your screen).
- Click on her pussy.

Read the text

At "Who can it be, That late?" you-have to click on the picture again:

- Click on the dildo.
- Click on her pink clothes (red on the bed).
- Click on the door handle.

Congratulations that is the End of this episode.



10 Must Play Porn RPG Games Top 3

 10 Must Play XXX Porn RPG Games 3 - 1


Slave Maker 3.5 Porn Game

The last part of the top 10 RPG Games porn list. If you missed the last parts, you can find them here : PART 1 | PART 2


3) Slave Maker 3


Slave Maker 3.5 Porn Game


Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'. You are a slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. You are contracted to train a girl to become the ideal slave. She will be trained in many fields but sex is a significant part of the training. Each girl has a training time before she is turned over to her owner and in that time you need to try have maximize her abilities.

The game plays like any ordinary text based RPG, you will need to type your commands into a console to navigate the game. However there are a vast amount of Images, detailing what you look like, the environment that you are in, the sexual scenes ;).



This is the most comprehensive slave making game out there. Seriously, if you haven't heard of this game, I don't know where you have been! You take control of a brothel, where you job is to purchase sexy slaves, train them up, and turn a profit to build your adult sex empire. There are a load of fetishes involved in this game, and I mean alot of fetishes.



This game is free to download, however can be huge in size (over 7GB) mainly due to the massive amounts of Hentai that is present in the game. There are also different unofficial image packs for this game to tailor the content to your tastes.


Game Info Page


Game Download Page : Here



2) Sengoku Rance


Sengoku Rance


Sengoku Rance is the 7th game in the series and was released on December 15, 2006. The story takes place during the 4th sengoku (warring states) era of Japan, in an area of the Rance World which parodies medieval real-world Japan. You play as the hero Rance, a foreigner who stumbles upon a small city state and becomes there commander of the army. You essentially rule your small country and raise armies in order to unify all Japan against other small states.


Sengoku Rance Image


The game takes place upon the map of Japan, and throughout the game you need to recruit allies in the form of existing Rance characters (seen throughout other games in the amazing series) each with there own abilities and men. You need to put together your team of allies, each with their own unit types (Infantry, Archers, Cavalry etc..) and crush your opponents in turn based army battles. The porn aspect of this game comes into play as you run your country, by interacting with more of the main characters in your entourage. You also get alot of action from the conquered females that you encounter, forcing some to be your sex slaves after vanquishing their armies, and overtaking their capitals. After all Rance's goal is to have sex with every female in Japan, and take as many virginities as he possibly can.


Sengoku Rance Image


Sengoku Rance combines RPG elements, with classic Visual Novel style seamlessly, giving us a deep and rewarding turn based game. A rich and strange world is crafted for us, full of adventure, strategy and humor. There are hundreds of other characters that appear, each one as good as the others, with their own personalities and goals. The AI is actually quite good, and challenging. This makes a change from games where you can just stomp all over a dumb AI, and in some situations, I have struggled and lost key battles, which only makes the accomplishment of winning that so much better.


Sengoku Rance Image


Your generals can be improved and gain experience by winning battles and training them, this makes them like you more and open up more content. Your female generals can give you other rewards, such as engaging in sexual activity that rewards us with some amazing hentai.

There are some weak points with the game. Mainly the sex scenes can become a little repetitive with the same girl, after you have indulged yourself a few times. This is offset by the fact you have numerous girls to have sex with, however it does dull the sex scenes for some of the main girls in your entourage

There are hundreds of hours of gameplay to this game, and I thoroughly reccomend anyone to play this eroge game if they haven't before, it truly is special. We cannot provide a download link due to it being a published game, however alot of information can be found on the internet and various forums like hongfire.



1) Skyrim with Adult Mods


Skyrim Adult Mods


Arguably one of the best PC Games of all time on it's own. There have been a small but active community involved in creating adult themed modifications for this amazing game. If you can think of a fetish, there is a good chance that someone has made one for this game. There are a various amount of mods of various types that are available, from Nude patches, to adult items to actual sex gameplay and quests. You can customize your game to your liking, and there are even HD packs that can greatly enhance the graphics of the game.


Skyrim Adult Mods Porn Game

Some Mods that I would recommend for Skyrim include


- Companion Selene Kate - Kiss Me

- Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles

- SexLab - This is a framework for most of the hardcore XXX Adult mods over at LoversLab to be installed on, and allows sex ingame, along with a host of new content.




Game Mods Download Page : Here