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Fresh Start - Adult Life Sim Porn Game

Just a quick blog post this new year, regarding a new adult life sim game being developed in twine. 


The game is made in Twine, and will follow the life of a girl who has moved to a big city to realise her dreams. Throughout the game you are going to have to survive life, earn money, pay rent, socialise and further advance your careers. 


This version of the game is a very early alpha, a proof of concept for a Life Sim.


The game can be downloaded from here : Fresh Start v0.0.1 download link.

Best Adult Games of 2016

The Best Adult Games of 2016


Hello, and welcome to my picks for the best adult porn games for the year 2016. We will be looking into some of the newest porn releases that have happened over the last 12 months. Some of the additions may not have been initially released in 2016, however they can be included if significant updates have happened in the last year qualifying them for this list.

If you have your own additions, or agree / disageree with the list of adult games, drop a comment below telling us why!

Without further ado ...


Crusoe Had It Easy



This is a fantastic game where you play as a guy stranded on a desert island with your cousin (or friend, depending on your options "notsoclose" is the cheat to activate "friend mode"). The game itself plays like an interactive novel, with a choose your own adventure style angle to it, and hentai elements throughout.

There are 7 endings in the game, 3 good endings and 4 more ... forceful ones.

They creators Patreon can be located HERE along with the download links for the game.

There is also a Walkthrough for the Game HERE


House Party



Party is an interactive first person RPG game where you need to navigate around a house party that you are attending, trying to pick up girls and have fun. This game has been in the process of being completely overhauled from its first iteration. This game is ripe with foul language, nudity (hurray!) and comedy, so it's definitely one game to look out for.

Currently the game is still in Alpha, and is on the version and is currently be developed in Unity3D, so it has some sweet 3d graphics. The game is rather unpolished, however it has enough content to keep you happy whilst the developer works on more. It is still in active development so new game play is being added all the time, and the developer takes on board suggestions from the playerbase.

This is a free game and the download can be found HERE


Elana Champion of Lust



Elana Champion of Lust is a game where you will have to bring back the natural order to an island where the people have lost and forgotten all about lust and passions.
You will control Elana, a fairy who has found the energy of lust and passion that was once removed from the people. Your goal on this game is level Elana up by means of physical and magical actions, which will make her stronger. In turn she will evolve in order to turn all people of the island into lustful beings.

The game sports a hand drawn style to it's art, which is a little unorthdox, but charming. 

Chapter 1 (as of now) is free to play for everyone, and chapter 2 is available for Patreons of the developer. You can get the game free HERE


Tales of the Drunken Cowboy



This is a not so new RAGS game that still gets active development. The theme of this game centers around mind control and adventure. The games setting is based in a Sci-Fi futuristic world heavily influenced by the Cowboy Bebop anime, with a little bit of Mass Effect thrown in for good measure. You travel around the galaxy as the captain of your ship with your hardy crew mates, getting yourself into no good along the way. 

You play as the badass space bounty hunter Celeste Blake: Captain of the Drunken Cowboy. Unfortunately, ALICE, your neural implant A.I. gets infected by the bad guy called Master. This causes her to become extremely sexual and seductive in an attempt to "train" you for Master. 

The Download for the game can be found : Tales of a Drunken Cowboy Download

There is a walkthrough for this game here also : Walkthrough


 Hentai High School+ (HHS+)


Hentai High School+ (or HHS+ as it's more commonly called) is a game where you are the principal of a school that has some issues. You are drafted in to take over, and transform the school into a success. Little do the board know that deep down, your a little perverted. Slowly corrupt the school from within, and slowly pass rules and classes with the PTA to slowly turn your students into sexual degenerates. Maybe the school porn filter should stop working, or the new skirts should be a couple of inches shorter.

This game has recently moved into v1.07, which brings more additions and the foundations to start corrupting more than just the school. Bring your influence out into the town to try and corrupt everyone, making them more succeptable to your suggestions. This game deserves a place in this list just by it's sheer size. It's huge! Alot of detail has gone into making this a good game, with plenty of Hentai images, the new models ingame which accurately show each student (each with their own hair and clothes style, along with their own body types.

You can find the download for the game here : HHS+ Free Download 


... To Be Continued





Akburs Princess Trainer GOLD Walkthrough

 Walkthrough : Princess Trainer Gold

This walkthrough is for version 2.03 (and 2.01!)


You can play the game HERE




1. Food for the Poor


In order to earn some gold, you are going to need the peasant robe to get Jasmine to clean the houses.
- Go to Cheapside and talk to Crocus and agree to buy him some food.
- Buy fruit for 50G from Balsam and give it to Crocus

2. Family Feud


- Talk to Balsam and agree to deliver a box for him. (Whatever you do, do not open the box!)
- Tell Maslab who the box is from.
- Go to tavern at night and talk to Balsam, deny any involvement in last night events.
- Meet Balsam at night and do as he asks.
- Tell Maslab and say no more involvement.

3. Serving the People

In order to complete this quest, you are going to need the waitress outfit
- Head over to the tavern during the day time and talk to Maslab about employing Jasmine as a waitress.
- At night go to the tavern with Jasmine.
- The next morning bring Jasmine back the the tavern.
- Keep bringing jasmine to the tavern during the day.

4. The Red Phoenix Rising

- Go to the tavern at night till you see a Lilly talking to Maslab about employing Iris as a whore.
- Arm wrestle Maslab for the password for the brothel, and then head over to the brothel at night.
- Tell Lilly that you will get her a permit in order to open the brothel up again.
- Go to see Jafar at the palace for the permit while Jasmine is working.
- Wait a few days before going back to pick the permit up.
- Give the permit to Lilly at night.

5. A friend in Need


- Before you start this quest, it is advised to have a large amount of gold saved up.
- Go to the tavern at night and buy some wine.
- Iris will come over, talk to her, then flirt with her. (If Iris isn't there, come back another time)
- Continue till Iris wants to walk.
- Take her on a gentlemen-ly walk while calling her bluff and end the night as a gentleman.
- Talk to Iris at the tavern at night some more but this time grab her ass gentleman.
- Agree to buy her a dress so she can become a whore.
- Head over to the dress maker and give her the design for the new dress.
- Get supplies from someone who sells stuff for said dress maker after giving said merchant the supply list
- Wait a few days then pick up the supplies.
- Give the supplies to the dress maker, wait a few days and then collect the dress.
- Give dress to Iris at night at the tavern like usual

6. The Dream Job

- Talk to Iris after getting her dress (Act like a gentleman).
- Agree to go with her to be a whore.
- Be a gentleman when your are asked how much you would pay for that ass.
- Turn around and don't peek like a gentleman.
- Lie about having permission.
- Ask her to be your personal whore Or encourage her dreams like the father Maslab never was.
- Talk to a family member about getting her employed as a whore.
- Tell Iris later.
- Take her to Lilly again.
- Tell her she looks like a whore like a gentleman.

7. Pleasing the Mother

- Run into a girl at Azalea's and then help the girl up like a gentleman.
- Go to the brothel and choose a blonde girl as your whore for the day.
- Get cock blocked by Lilly.
- Try to win Lilly's favor.
- Buy her something nice (market).
- Buy her some thing delicious and pick it up at night (tavern).
- Scratch your eyes out Or cry yourself to sleep and be extremely mentally damaged.
- Buy something delicious to take Lola out.

8. Lola's new dress

- Buy something delicious again and give it to Lilly.
- Take Lola out.
- Take Lola out again after buying some more something delicious.
- Repeat Buying and taking till Lola wants to go out at night.
- Try to take Lola out at night (you should get cock blocked).
- Take Lola out at night.
- Keep taking her out at night till you receive your just reward.
- Lola will ask you to buy her a dress, agree to this.
- Get a Dressed made for her.
- Wait a few days then pick the dress up.
- Give to Lola and try to Pick Lola as a whore.
- Get Cock Blocked again.
- Watch Lola cry.

9. Room 4 1 More

- Talk to Crocus about upgrading your house and agree to the price.
- Talk to Jafar about the remodeling permit then wait a few days to go pick it up.
- Talk to Crocus and pay the 500G

10. Investments that Bear Fruit


In order to complete this, you will need to have a high fitness level.
- Talk to Balsam about his his business
- Agree to help capture the cut-purse
- For the next 3 days make sure to go to Balsam and pose as a rich man while having 200G on you at all times
- Don't go on the fourth day
- Go again on the fifth day
- Capture the thief and get your money back
- Talk to Balsam about buying a fruit stand
- Buy a fruit stand for 500G

11. No Dancing Allowed

Jasmine will need a Dancer's outfit for this quest.
- Talk to Maslab about employing Jasmine as a dancer.
- Talk to Jafar about employing Jasmine as a dancer.
- Wait a few days and then pick up the permit.
- Give the permit to Maslab.
- Make her work for one day without profit.

12. To each his own...Permit

Jasmine will need a whores outfit for this quest.
- Talk to Lilly about employing Jasmine.
- Talk to Jafar about getting a whoring Permit.
- Wait a few days and go pick up the permit.
- Give the permit to Lilly.

13. The Favorite Customer

- Be asked by Azalea to give her a 1000G, and agree to give her a 1000G.
- Agree to do more stuff.
- Do more stuff.
- Do even more stuff.
- Do the same stuff again.
- Develop the business-6 DP.
- Develop the business more-9 DP.
- Develop the business again-12 DP.
- Develop the business to it limits-24 DP.
- Touching oneself is a sin.

14. Iris Trainer

- Talk to Iris after getting her employed as a whore.
- See Iris be a good girl.
- Be blamed and yelled at for helping her achieve her dreams.
- Be asked to train her and agree.
- Buys some bells from a dress maker or a school.
- Train her.
- Train her some more.
- Train her till she can't be trained anymore.
- Hold her graduation while having about 600G on your person.

15. The Nightmare Job

- After Iris graduates talk to her
- Decide to fuck her
- Agree to be a gentleman and treat her like any other whore
- Witness
- Be betrayed
- Discover your betrayer
- Go to sleep early for another week straight

16. Fixing Everything

- Talk to Iris after she moves in
- Talk to Jafar
- Talk to Iris
- Talk to Jasmine
- Wait a few days
- Talk to Iris
- Buy Iris a slave outfit
- Talk to Iris
- Attend the event
- Steal the sword
- Lie or tell the truth

17. The Blood-oath

- Talk to Iris after getting the sword
- Go give the sword to Maslab
- Make a Blood oath
- Become Brothers

18. The Broken Toy

- Fuck Lola
- Fuck Lola again
- Make her cry
- Talk to Rose
- Bring Lola to Rose
- Spend 200G on worthless treatment till Lola tells you Rose wants to speak to you
- Speak to Rose
- Go home
- Talk to drunk Lola
- Shove her in her room
- Give her the D while slapping her tits, face, and pussy.
- Talk to Rose again
- Pay for the now working treatment till Lola tells you Rose wants to talk again
- Speak to Rose and get your wannabe Loli with a now functioning vagina
- Ignore what Rose Said and be a Bad parent or Listen to best girl who is just a support character and be a good one

19. Pleasing the mother. Again.

Requires you to have expanded your house
- After watching and causing Lola to cry because she can't be your whore(You are a terrible human being) go to bed early for about a week straight
- When you here a knock on your door answer it
- Let Lola in and let her stay
- Ask who is at the door when some else knocks
- Tell Lilly Lola is there
- Tell Lola you will find a way to be with her
- Talk to Lilly after Lola is taken from you
- Lie to Lilly
- Lie to Lilly some more
- Agree to Lilly request
- Talk to Iris
- Talk to Iris again the next day
- Talk to Azalea about an cleaners outfit
- Wait a few days
- Buy outfit
- Go to your house and take Jasmine and Iris to the cheapside
- Wait till the day after they clean
- Talk to Iris at night
- Run for your life
- Give the painting to Lilly
- Pick up your over-aged loli the next day

20. A Curious Case of Blue Balls

- Talk to Balsam
- Watch stand for him
- Talk to Balsam again
- Watch stand for him again
- Talk to Balsam.Again.
- Watch stand for him.Again.
- Repeat earlier steps again for as long as necessary
- Become Brothers
- Double earlier profit
- Profit



Strip Poker Night at the Inventory. (SPNATI)

I'd like to bring everyone's attention to this cute little porn game. This is a well made take on the classic Strip Poker game, where you need to try and strip the girls (and boys) that you play against.


The game starts off at the character selection screen. You can choose 4 other characters to play with, from a host of girls and boys. The awesome thing is, you can even create your own characters and dialogue too, to better suit your tastes. 


Once the game starts, the mission is to make the strongest Poker hands at your disposal. The main aim is not to have the weakest hand in the game, since the character that does, has to strip. The game can be played completely online (or offline if you prefer) from 


Here's the stripping animation for Misty from the Pokemon series!