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Fresh Start

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Q. I can't seem to find the Adult Store, what am I missing?

A. If you chat with Katie, she will eventually let you know where it is.

Q. Why can't I use the purple lounge?

A. In order to get a job there, you need a beauty stat of over 50.

Q. Maybe I am missing something here, but what level do you have to be with Katie to get the favors?

A. Just starting Katie's events requires nothing more than persistence. Keep showing up in her room occasionally (on the correct days) and you'll activate her events. If you are stuck getting Katie to tell you about "performing favors" then you need to not reject her when she is punishing you for spying, and you need to maintain a good relationship with her (50+ I believe) in order to get access to the "Talk to Katie" events. Then the other events will happen randomly as you go to Katies room occasionally.

Q. How to have sex with Paul? I keep getting kicked out of the apartment. Also, how to advance in the purple lounge? I keep selling dances and dancing on stage but nothing happens?

A. You need to advance your relationship with your roommate, spy on her showering, get caught (twice?) and made to dance for her, then keep talking to her til you can ask her how she managed to earn so much money and save paying rent. Those should open up the opportunity to dance, sell services (selling dances to male customers), and trade favors for rent money with Paul..

Q. Just wondering, is corruption supposed to be negative? I see lots of people talking about inhibitions but not corruption. From the stat gains you get, I assume positive corruption is more corrupt, right? So why is it getting more negative by itself as I play? Good game though so far.

A. There are a few reasons why this could be happening.

  • If you are addicted to cigarettes, and have stopped smoking (facing withdrawal) You will be negatively affected by these stats. So you either need to wait it out, and kick the habit, or keep feeding the addiction.
  • You naturally gain inhibition and lose corruption as you sleep (only slightly). If you don't do anything corrupting, are you really corrupted? This also gives the player a way to turn over a new leaf, if they wish too.
  • Some actions will also reverse the corrupting trends, these will be the non-sex options generally. If the change is large, then it will be displayed in the game.

Q. I don't know if this has been addressed but when you try to pay Paul another why for rent there is no way link to continue also is there another why to lower Inhibition?

A. you fail to pay Paul rent twice, you will lose the game (be kicked out of the apartment). Therefore you should always try and ensure that there is enough money aside to pay the rent. I plan on changing this so you don't fail twice, play for ages, then come back and accidentally fail and end the game. This will probably change to ending the game if you hit a certain amount in arrears. Although there are events where you can negotiate a discount with him (more sex) These events superseded the sex for rent as at the time, it was the only thing you had to pay for in the game, thus too OP.

Q. Also, is there ever any more events with camming than chat? Cause I managed to get to like 100 reputation (imagine how much Inhibition was lost) and got nothing more.

A. There should be. There should be as much content as the purple lounge has. You can unlock more by buying items in some of the stores, and lowering inhibition (Inhibition Milestones are 800, 700, 600 etc... [I'm super creative])