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Six people agreed to participate in a private reality show. They haven't been told what it is going to be about exactly. But the final prize is huge. 100 million dollars. Each new day the players will get personal tasks that they need to complete. For each completed task they will receive points. 1 points - 5000 dollars in addition to the final prize.

  • You will play for each character separately. And it is your choices will determine how given is task is completed.

  • It will be all about the points. Later in the game, it is planned to allow characters to trade between each other.

  • On different days, you will play for different character/s.

  • You need to keep tracking, how many points each character has, and you will decide who will win the final prize, by allowing characters to earn or to loose the points.

  • But to get these points, characters need to do some crazy things.

  • As it is prg maker MV. You can extend the game as any other window in the windows. Plus you can use a mouse if you want.


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