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Ashes of Bavan

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Ashes of Bavan is an adult monster breeding and battling game inspired by Breeding Season and patterned after various tactical RPGs and strategy games. You begin as a monster trainer, displaced by war, who is given a farm and the singular task of breeding monster soldiers for battle. Explore an extensive kingdom, fight off bandits and imperial soldiers, and become involved in the story of Duke Fentler, the last high noble of the dying kingdom of Bavan. Breed strong warriors, unlock new upgrades and new monster types, and watch them fucking one another senseless! Join in the fun both at the farm and in the field, with fun explore events and powerful rape attacks! Meet quirky new NPCs, discover bizarre shops, study the budding field of alchemy, and take on a variety of challenges to hone your skills as a breeder! Perfect your art and you may become the king of monster breeding!

The team behind Ashes of Baven are some of the same developers behind Breeding Season after their fracas, which split their development and design members. As of late 2016, this game is still in early alpha, taking on a new direction in art.

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